Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Streets as 'places'.

The campaigning group 'Living Streets' produces a regular newsletter explaining their work on improving the environment in towns. I have signed myself up as the cause parallels to our association's objectives. There is an interesting article HERE


  1. Hi, I just came across you via the Chron! I live in Victoria Road and a few of us have been looking at getting together to get a variety of issues sorted. But yoiu are already doing it! How do I get involved please?

  2. Hi I just wanted to draw your attention to a new planning application to make 48 Victoria Raod in to five seperate dwellings! This house is only a year old, had they applied for that planning origially, I suspect they wuold have needed to provide planning, which on that particular plot they could have done.
    If they rent each dwelling to couples then that could be an extra ten cars on the road, which we can't cope with.
    On top of that our experience is that there is no planning for waste management and thus more rubbish ends up on the street all week long. Which really is intolerable!

    we already have many houses that have been made into bedsits of multiple occupancy and we are well aware that these occupants are often short term transient people whom contribute nothing to our community. On top of that we are also aware that currently it is these properties that are most frequently visited / raided by the police and I really do not think our community should have to tolerate any more such buildings.

    As such please, please could you log your concerns to the council by the 28/02/2013. The referance is N/2013/0053 and emails can be sent to
    Thanks so much