Monday, 9 April 2012

Follow-up to Q&A Meeting: Secretary comments

SERA, news from the front.
The first meeting was well attended and it seemed obvious through the energetic contributions that there is a need to have an outlet for local opinions. There was a deliberate decision at this first meeting to avoid a formal structure and although the process may have seemed somewhat uncontrolled, most people got heard. In future there will be the more mundane duties on the agenda such as 'approval of the minutes of the last meeting' and 'matters arising'.

Although it might seem that not much has happened since our last meeting there has been progress behind the scenes.
The Reverend Mike Hills has asked to be kept informed on progress on the Churchyard Park. He offered a meeting place at his church, St Michaels. We have another volunteer to serve on the steering committee. I hope that a first meeting will be held shortly.
The minutes of the meeting have been started but they were delayed by family circumstances. We plan to post them on the blog site soon. We have a volunteer to help with the Minutes in future.
Peter Strachan has produced a summary of the Consultation exercise which is very useful and which I hope to add to the minutes of the last meeting.
The street gardens need weeding and the chairperson will be out there doing that today (she said).
Get your questions ready for the 14th May meeting when Enterprise, the contractor doing our street cleaning and waste disposal, will attend.
Jim Wishart


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Monday, 2 April 2012

Q&A Meeting

Tonight sees the Q&A meeting at Victoria Road Church Rooms (entrance off Cyril Street).

In attendance are:
Cllr. Winston Strachan - County & Borough Councils
Cllr. Danielle Stone - Borough Council
PCSO Kev Halfpenny - Northamptonshire Police
Andy Langton - Neighbourhood Warden
Lucy Lilburn - Housing Officer
Peter Strachan - Neighbourhood Co-Ordinator

The meeting begin at 6.30pm.