Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Development update at 2-4 Edith Street

Today a number of residents, along with Councillors Stone and Strachan and planning case Officer Mr Geoff Wyatt and applicant Mr Keith Howard had a meeting to discuss the development of 2-4 Edith Street.

The plans as originally submitted were for 10 Studio flats and most present felt it was a gross over-development of the site and taking none of the existing residents and their needs for both parking and privacy into account.

Following a discussion of his plans by Mr Keith Howard, the residents and councillors put in their objections and a crucial visit into the garden of a neighbouring property made it clear immediately to both the officer and applicant that there were issues regarding the increase in height of the property at the back with it overshadowing neighbouring gardens.

It was agreed therefore that these initial plans would be immediately be withdrawn and a further decision would be made for a future application by the applicant Mr Keith Howard.

I would like to thank all present for their assistance with this and this is an instant victory for the local residents. It is clear that the site will have development in the future and this is not the issue, but it has got to be a sensible development and not detriment to the surrounding area.

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