Tuesday, 21 August 2012

St Edmunds Churchyard- project to convert this churchyard to a public park.

Our association has voted to try to open the churchyard to the public as a park. The list of 'things to do' is long and to a degree a bit indeterminate as there is more than one possible type of park that the area could become.
In the meantime we have made an application for design aid under a scheme promoted by the Design Council. There are limited resources available, in fact only ten projects will be helped across the whole country but we have worked on the basis of 'nothing ventured nothing gained'.

The Design Council web page can be found here

I have filled in the application form and sent it off, it includes the following:-
Part 3: About your project
1. What is the name of your project?
        St Edmunds Churchyard Park.
2. Please describe your project – why is it needed and what do you want to do?
        The cemetery is closed to the public at the present time. The St Edmunds Church was demolished in the early ‘70s. The land is a very tranquil spot behind a five foot high stone wall. There are not many gravestones so there is a large area of grassland and trees which would make an ideal place for relaxation or a pleasant diversion on a walk for the local people.
We need to open up the churchyard by the provision of new entrances, a reduction of the height of the wall, some attention to the existing gravestones, construction of paths maybe crossing the area, consideration of street lighting, litter bins and seats.
We need a landscape architect’s advice and work to design a scheme and to price it.
All we have to do now is wait for a result.

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